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Our Philosophy

My passion for soap began during my travel to my parents birth town of Fagnano Castello a small village in the mountains of Calabria in Southern Italy.
In this village as a young woman I experienced the lifestyle led by my relatives and soon realised the essential elements to a tranquil and healthy lifestyle.
The villagers grew their own organic produce and raised animals for their food.
I watched them carefully nurture the crops and animals using the manure from them to fertilize the soils. Nothing was wasted. 
We used large blocks of soap to wash clothes and ourselves and I remember asking my Aunty why would we use laundry soap on ourselves? She replied "Perche e tutto naturale, I cosi naturale fanno bene" (Because it's all natural and natural things are best).
The satisfaction of creating a purely natural product filled my soul; hence from an ancient recipe we fuse together natural ingredients to lovingly handcraft Lathered soap.
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